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Talent Mapping for London Businesses

You’re keeping on top of your competitors, clients, customers and your market; but how much attention is being paid to the people in your industry?

Are you keeping track of high flyers and what’s making them successful? How do they view your company as a potential employer? What skills and contacts do they have that could be used to preserve or improve your business?

These important questions should be being addressed on a regular basis if you’re a business leader. And furthermore, the appropriate strategy should be implemented – Talent Mapping.

How does it work?

  • Take stock – chart every individual in your company according to their skills, competencies and capabilities.
  • Display where your employees ‘sit’ within your company based on their skill sets.
  • Identify what value they can add to your business now and moving forward by analysing their talents and potential.
  • Build a ready-made external network of individuals who have the ability to come in and succeed within your business should they be needed.

Why is it important?

Business can be turbulent when you have a multitude of factors that can suddenly deviate and affect your company’s performance.  Therefore, it’s vitally important to plan ahead with your workforce to limit the severity of any changes to your business’s internal or external environments.

When a business finds itself having to adapt and respond flexibly to a situation, it needs the right people in the right places, yesterday. Talent mapping means you already know exactly what skills are required and where you can find them, within or outside your organisation, thus saving you valuable time and money.

For example, if an employee in a revenue creating role is to hand in their notice or leave without warning, for each day that their role is left unfilled, your company will lose money. If you’ve talent mapped their role you’ll be able to replace them much quicker than if you’re starting from scratch.


What are the key benefits?

  • Avoid costly delays in replacing talented staff.
  • Understand how to measure and identify talent and know where it is.
  • Build a talent pipeline.
  • Hire only the very best people.
  • Know exactly what attracts talented individuals to roles in your industry e.g. remuneration packages, work environment.
  • Competitor insight.
  • Increase market intelligence.
  • Maintain flexibility.

When is Talent Mapping useful?

Mapping out talent in your business and industry as a whole comes in useful when processes such as succession planning, organisation restructuring, employee benchmarking are on the agenda.

However, you’ll benefit the most from talent mapping when you’re hit with a sudden need for talented personnel. 

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